Our Pasture Raised Turkey


"This was absolutely the best turkey I've ever eaten—my table of 19 agreed too. Completely awesome. We rubbed with a mixture of salt, finely chopped fresh thyme and sage, and ground pink peppercorns, and let air dry in fridge for 36 hours. Spatchcocked and roasted at 425 for just shy of 2 hours and pulled at 140F. It was totally incredible. Shatteringly crisp skin. Unctuous flavour. Moist throughout. We ate every little bit, and then pulled the meat off the bones, made stock, and followed up 2 days later with turkey carnitas ramen. This was so so great. We will be back next year to be sure. Happy Holidays, and keep on doing!"

CSA Share


"We have thoroughly enjoyed each week's bounty and recipes.  We cooked the Chicken & Veggie slow cooker recipe.

The chicken barely fit into the cooker - so delicious!" 

- Jane W.

"Thank you Shelley and Jennifer for a wonderful season.  We learned so much about eating with the season and tried recipes I never would have before.  My kids are going to be sad not being able to rummage through our weekly bag to see all the goodies and surprises.  We will definitely be back next year and of course will be getting our Thanksgiving turkey from you.  Thanks again!" 

- Jasmine R.

Organic & Pasture Raised Eggs


"We simply cannot get enough of your eggs.  They are absolutely delicious.  My son now can know longer eat eggs from the store.  He said they just don't taste the same.  Boy is he right!  Thank you so much for all you do.  Can't wait for our next visit to the chickens." 

- Robyn J.

"I never knew you could actually tell the difference between eggs before.  I don't know what your chickens eat but keep letting them eat it because these eggs are awesome." 

- Dan W.

Pasture-Raised Poultry


"Flavor overload!  This chicken was absolutely outstanding.  Not only was it tender and juicy but the flavor of the chicken was incredible.  If people tried this chicken they would never eat any other kind again.  Thank you so much!"  

- Robert R.

Elderberry Jelly


"Shelley - thank you so much for the elderberry jelly in this weeks basket.  My husband is obsessed with it!  We try each year to ration it so we have enough to last through cold/flu season but we never seem to make it. LOL" - Sara C.

Walnut & Maple Syrup


"WOW!  I received my newsletter in the basket today and was so excited to see this recipe.  Poached pears with walnut/maple syrup!  I am in heaven.  Of course I pulled everything out of the bag and started right away making this.  I even had vanilla ice cream to add to it. This was sinful it was so delicious.  I will never buy just maple syrup again." - Heather & John