Fresh Holiday Turkey

Calculate the perfect size turkey

Number of people eating x 1lb each + 6 to  8lbs = Min. size turkey to order.  (Example: 6 people eating + 6 to 8lbs (bone/carcass wt.) = Min. 12 to 14lb turkey needed)

Request weight range

Weight range will be honored as best as we can and by order of which deposits are received.  Turkey's weight is variable depending on the weather closer to Thanksgiving.  We will not cut back or overfeed our turkeys to insure weights.


Cost is $5.50/lb - Ranges of weight and approximate cost:  

10-13lbs ($55-72)

14-16lbs ($77-88)

17-19lbs ($94-$105)

All turkeys will be labeled with accurate weight and you will charged accordingly.  Our turkeys are not injected with any fluids or fillers as in store bought birds to increase weight.  

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Turkey Order

Pick up will be the weekend before Thanksgiving

We have limited storage for fresh turkeys.  All reservations will be contacted with day and time frame for pick up.  If you need your turkey earlier please contact us to make arrangements for early processing and freezing.  

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Saturday: By appointment

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